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Director: 何晋亿 Don Hoe

Don Hoe, a film producer based in Penang. He was introduced to the world of film making at a very young age. For several years Don was exposed to different industries but he has never felt rewarding in his previous careers. Eventually he worked his way up and took a huge step and did something which he was and still passionate about, that is setting up a movie production company and pursuing his childhood dream as a film producer. At present, he is one of the most outstanding film producers in the northern region of Malaysia.

Don Hoe has involved himself in several major Malaysian film productions such as The Golden Couple, The Wedding Diary, The Wedding Diary 2, Medic Force, In the Dark, 鬼影后. His job scope includes working behind the scenes, casting and publicity. Moreover he has also collaborated with productions in foreign countries such as China and Hong Kong TVB and he has also worked with well-known movie stars such as Fan Bing Bing, Aarif Rahman Lee, Elanne Kwong, Aniu, Mike He and more.