Full Billion Entertainment Sdn Bhd is a dynamic Penang-based production company, founded by Don Hoe and Carrick Tan in the year of 2012 upon the dedication and passion towards the film industry.

We believe that through consistent creativity and innovation in production, high quality outcomes are possible and will contribute to the local film industry’s excellence and bring Malaysian film to a whole new level and as prominent as Hollywood.

Mission: Becoming the leading film production company internationally and heighten global recognition for Malaysian film.

Vision: To be recognized as one of the pioneer Production House throughout Asia Pacific in 5 years time.

Our Previous Work

Full Billion Entertainment Sdn Bhd is a joint Production House for several major Malaysian film productions such as:

  • The Golden Couple (2012)
  • The Wedding Diary (2012)
  • The Wedding Diary 2 (2013)
  • Medic Force (2012)
  • In The Dark (2013)

We have also collaborated with productions in foreign countries such as China, Hong Kong TVB and Singapore Media Corp.

  • One Night Surprise (2013) (China)
  • The Voyage (TBA) (Singapore)

We have also worked with well-known movie stars such as Fan Bing Bing, Aarif Rahman Lee, Elanne Kwong, A-Niu, Mike He and more.


One Night Surprise 2013

Full Billion Entertainment Sdn Bhd is the producer for Hank music videos 人车恋,口贱 and short films that went viral on the Internet which are Clover’s Love 爱情草 and Medic Force 幸福边缘


Medic Force 幸福边


Clover’s Love 爱情草

Discovering Talents

Full Billion Entertainment Sdn Bhd is keen to discover local new talents. We are specializing in guiding the careers of artists with a passion for the craft of acting.

All brands, big or small, want to reach the masses with a message that conveys that the brand is catering to personal interests of the individual consumer, and celebrity association has come a long way.

Our unique approach to managing established actors, combined with a keen eye for recognizing new talent, has established a reputation for innovative thinking with a strong understanding of the marketplace. We represent clients in all fields of the entertainment industry, including Television, Film, Theatre Drama, Musical Theatre, Commercials, Music and Endorsements.

Draw Back Our Talents

We are determining to act as one of the attraction to draw local talents back to Malaysia by providing them a platform to excel in film industry.

Community Service

In Full Billion Entertainment Sdn Bhd, we believe “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”


There are plenty of great things going on in our world that need to be publicized, explained, promoted and brought to the public awareness. We want to help get the message out – to get your message out. When you hire us, you get everything we have to give.

The Team

Our talented team of experienced directors, producers, videographers and editors possess all the skills required to produce the perfect video for you. We determine the expectations of each client and bring your vision to life by delivering comprehensive high quality footage. Ultimately it is about getting your message across to your target audience.

We also specialize in any kind of video production, which includes: short feature film, documentary, corporate profile, TV commercial, brand associate, event videography and photography.

We use state-of-the-art, high definition cameras, lighting systems, and editing software to give your project the professional look you deserve. We also offer a fully equipped video production trailer with the capabilities of multi-camera production, switching and control.


Director: 何晋亿 Don Hoe



Don Hoe, a film producer based in Penang. He was introduced to the world of film making at a very young age. For several years Don was exposed to different industries but he has never felt rewarding in his previous careers. Eventually he worked his way up and took a huge step and did something which he was and still passionate about, that is setting up a movie production company and pursuing his childhood dream as a film producer. At present, he is one of the most outstanding film producers in the northern region of Malaysia.

Don Hoe has involved himself in several major Malaysian film productions such as The Golden Couple, The Wedding Diary, The Wedding Diary 2, Medic Force, In the Dark, 鬼影后. His job scope includes working behind the scenes, casting and publicity. Moreover he has also collaborated with productions in foreign countries such as China and Hong Kong TVB and he has also worked with well-known movie stars such as Fan Bing Bing, Aarif Rahman Lee, Elanne Kwong, Aniu, Mike He and more.